Summer Camp is coming!!!



                                                                               Ages 7-14yrs. , Ages 15-18,  Adults 



​Is Summer Camp for kids only? NO WAYYYY! Each year I mentor our young gifted ones over a week's time (Daytime hours only)

Parents have asked me "Do you ever do a Summer Camp for adults?" Of course... if there is enough interest.  

It is called a Mentor program (various locations are still being considered at this time)

Do you hold more than ONE camp??? 

Yes, by location request.  There must be a child minimum met-please email for details.

I am holding BOTH kids and adults camps. Email me at and I will send you details. You will be required to fill out any information regarding your child's personal needs /allergies, etc.  This information is IMPORTANT!

Please registerEARLY ! See Services Page for payments. If you pay BEFORE June 14th, you can make payments other wise payment in full (CASH ONLY)  IN PERSON.

Get your very own camp shirt today!

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