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                                               Summer Camp is coming!!!



                                                                               Ages 7-14yrs. , Ages 15-18,  Adults 



​Is Summer Camp for kids only? NO WAYYYY! Each year I mentor our young gifted ones over a week's time (Daytime hours only)

Parents have asked me "Do you ever do a Summer Camp for adults?" Of course... if there is enough interest.  

It is called a Mentor program (various locations are still being considered at this time)

Do you hold more than ONE camp??? 

Yes, by location request.  There must be a child minimum met-please email for details.

I am holding BOTH kids and adults camps. Email me at and I will send you details. You will be required to fill out any information regarding your child's personal needs /allergies, etc.  This information is IMPORTANT!

Please registerEARLY ! See Services Page for payments. If you pay BEFORE June 14th, you can make payments other wise payment in full (CASH ONLY)  IN PERSON.