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​​​​Festivals & Events


Saturday, June 23rd-Mini Readings

 Litha Celebration!- 10am-6pm

311 S. Park Ave Sanford 32771 @Luna Sol Esoterica $20 & $40  

(this is not in a private room)

Saturday, May. 12th-Gala Days in Cassadaga! In the Andrew Jackson Davis Building 10am-4pm Mini Readings $25 & $40   (this is not in a private room)

Alive After 5  Street Festival in Sanford 1st Street Mini Readings $25 & 40 Palms/Cards 5-8pm Next Date- (Every 2nd Thursday of the month)

Monday Nights at 9pm-Online! Learning (click underlined for details)-The Mystic Halls Of Knowledge

Special Facebook events-

​Monday Night Live! 11:11pm

​Join me for a Spiritual Conversation 

As of April 2nd 2016, I am NO LONGER  at Cassadaga Hotel

My journey there has come to an end after nearly 6 years. I will be in town though, from time to time for special events.

​​Luna Sol Esoterica (in Sanford) and Universal Studios are also my home ​​: )

Appearing At - Luna Sol Esoterica

Wednesdays ​-6/6, 6/13, 6/20 & 6/27                *(you can pre-pay here)

​*All other days please ask for availability

Pre-Pay to my services page or the Shop Please   Call 321-363-4883 

 *Past Life Sessions                                              *Private Consultations
    $50 half hour
   $75 for 45 minutes 
$100 hour

$110 hour couple  

*Chakra Balancing $75-30min. $100-45min $125- hour.(Same for various Energy Healings)
Purchase here
  *Past Life Regression and Healing $150-45min. 

Purchase here

 I hostess Tea Leaf Reading Parties for $25 per person. Lots of fun!

RSVP to 321-439-3073  NEXT PARTY-???Purchase your tickets on the Services Page

Monday Nights at 11pm  tune into my Radio show*click here (Venus In Velvet )on Blogtalk Radio or replay and subscribe on iTunes Call-ins welcome  646-727-2585 ​(The show has been on a break as I may be changing nights and format-stay tuned for details) Meanwhile it's 11:11pm live on Facebook Venus In Velvet Fan Page

Birthday Blessings Gemini and Cancer!

Look for me here:

What's in store for your New Year??? Get a Birthday Reading!!!


Phone, online or by email/messenger Special- Book it now! Text or call 321-439-3073

*Skype and phone sessions available on 

Day or night!

​Available for private events and lectures!

June 2018

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@ Luna Sol Esoterica-Classes-                                 Call to pre-register:

All classes are I.A.M .certifiable (ask how)

*Sunday, June 10th-

​ Psychic Cleansing and Clearing 

2-4pm Cost $25


​Previous Classes 


Sunday May 20 Mudras, Mantras and Mindful Meditation

Sunday, April 8th-
​Messages from Spirit! ​Spirit Circles 1-2pm, 2:30-3:30pm Cost $11

Sunday, April 22nd-Past Lives and Akasha Meditation 2-4pm Cost $25   

 Sunday, January 21st Empath/Psychic workshop- Level 1 3 hours 3-6pm $75 
 ​*Sunday, January 28th ​Psychic/Medium workshop-
​Level 1 3 hours 3-6pm $75     

Sunday, November 12th-Light A Candle!  (Candle Magick) 2:00pm-4:00pm $25

Sunday, October 22nd-Messages From Spirit!  1pm,2:30,4pm $10August 6th,13th, &20th

Palmistry month! 

6/11​ 2-4pm​ $​25 per class{ 10% off 3 classes pre-paid }

​​Sunday, April 23rd Table Tipping ​with special guest- Rev. Dr. Phillip Delong 1-3pm $25 prepaid to store 

Sunday, March 12th &26th - Psychic or Empath? Psychic Development II & III Class 1-3pm $25 per class {3 Classes before you can take my Mediumship Class}

Sunday, January 15th 1-3pm-Past Lives/Present Healing  (A Past Life Workshop)$25 each

Sunday December 11th-

* Messages From Spirit  6 people per event

1-2, 2:30-3:30, 4:00-5:00pm          $10 each

Sunday November 20th*

It's In The Palm Of Your Hand! (Palmistry class) $25 2-4pm​​

Sunday- September 11th

​*Psychic and Spiritual Protection!

​2-4pm $25

June 12th-

*Mantras, Mudras and Mindful Meditation-

  2-4pm $22

*May 15th Tea Leaf Reading Party

  2-4pm $25

* Messages From Spirit!

1:00-2:00pm first circle (limit 6 per circle)

2:30-3:30pm second circle

$10 each

​*It's In The Palm Of Your Hand


*Connecting With Your Angels and Guides


 *Runespeak coming soon!

All classes are IAM certifiable(ask how)

Call to pre-register:

321-363-4883 at Luna Sol Esoterica