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Psychic Summer Camp is coming ,,,kids and BIG kids! Contact me for details and payments! Due to Covid19- Virtual Camp Playshop! T.B.A

 *Please use half hour price for Mentoring Session (half hour as well)

New option!!!-45 minute session

Addtional Choices


  To pay for your services, you don't need a Paypal account-just a card and email. 

 Options are also available with Swipe and Pay in person or over the phone if you need assistance.



​Messages From Spirit

Online (Skype/FaceTime) Healing Sessions

Payment Options

One Hour

Psychic Reading

Half Hour

Psychic Reading 

Mini Reading

Facebook, Onsite or Mystic Halls of Knowledge classes are here!!!  

ONLY $35 per class

Mystical Meditations Online Thursdays @4:44pm via Zoom (meeting ID and Password sent)

Chakra Balancing (Online)

1/2 hr

​45 min.

​1 hr

​Past Life Healing Sessions (Online) 1 hr.

Tea Leaf Reading Event