Buy a 1/2 hr reading and get another for you or a friend for 1/2 off! Offer for Tuesday purchuses (*you dont have to have your session on Tuesdays -just purchase then book!)

Psychic Summer Camp is coming ,,,kids and BIG kids! Contact me for details and payments! Day Camp Playshop! T.B.A

 *Please use half hour price for Mentoring Session (half hour as well)

New option!!!-45 minute session

Addtional Choices
Psychic Reading prices

Chakra Balancing (On Site)

1/2 hr

​45 min.

​1 hr

​Messages From Spirit

Tea Leaf Reading Event

​Past Life Healing Sessions (On Site) 1 hr.

Tuesday purchase deal

Online (Skype/FaceTime) Healing Sessions

Payment Options


  To pay for your services, you don't need a Paypal account-just a card and email. 

 Options are also available with Swipe and Pay in person or over the phone if you need assistance.



Facebook, Onsite or Mystic Halls of Knowledge classes are here!!!  

ONLY $35 per class

Holiday special! $11 for 11 minutes!