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​Whether you missed one of my classes, need a class for accreditation or simply private tutoring, then you can have it here by Skype or Facetime.

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Those Are My Numbers! Numerology Class

It's In The Palm Of Your Hand- Palmistry Class

List of classes for the remaining year-

Location:Luna Sol Esoterica

Sun. 6/30- Chakras-"The Wheels of Life 2

Sun. 7/14- Methods of Mediumship

Sun. 8/11-Past Lives Workshop-
"Old Soul or New Soul?"

Sun. 9/8 -Clearing and Cleansing-

"Sacred Ceremonies"

Sun 10/13- The Art of Scrying

Sun. 11/17--Psychic Protection


Sun. 12/29- Messages From Spirit                 Circle of 6  Starts @ 1pm, 2:30pm & 3:30pm 

            Other Online Classes: 1 hour tutorials

Other locations....

Mediumship- ongoing class

Tarot 1-2-3 - By online appointment single and multi class

Ascended Masters