Practical  Classes: 1 hour tutorials

Those Are My Numbers! Numerology Class

The Bottom Of The Cup"-Tea Leaves​

Meditation Classes

Runes Class-Manifesting with Rune Magick!

Learn historically one of the most ancient languages, various alphabets and number systems  (mainly Elder Furthark) and then how to use your knowledge for manifesting healing, love, money, protection and more!

*See 3 class deal for I.A.M. members​ and non members


 Now you can purchase combo packages of Readings, Classes and Merchandise!    

Please let me know if you are a previous student of mine and have taken any of the practical classes - I will customize  your package price. 321-439-3073

It's In The Palm Of Your Hand- Palmistry Class

Tarot 1-2-3 - By online appointment single and multi class

Certification of Completion for hours in each area from Mystic Halls (Mystery School) and the I.A.M. Teachings ​ Request your application now! email:

Ascension Development -Ascended Masters, Solfeggio Frequencies, Sacred Geometry, Higher Healing, Mindful Meditation to Akasha 

(11 week course)

Online Zoom-Thursdays@11:11am Meeting ID & Password sent after payment


All classes are currently online! These are ongoing courses.

​Whether you missed one of my classes, need a class for accreditation or simply private tutoring, then you can have it here by Skype Facetime or Zoom.

Contact me for details on times 

Online Multi class package for IAM. Members

Online Single class online IA.M. Members

Online classes non Members

 ​List of classes for 2021

Ethics 1.

Ethics 2.

Ethics 3.

Energy 1. Chakras -Raising Your Vibration

Energy  2. Cleansing and Clearing

Energy 3. Protection and Shielding


Spiritual Advisor- All 3 Ethics Classes taken and 1 Energy Class along with 3 Practical Classes $200.00 (save$10 on package)

Psychic Development You MUST take 2 Ethics and 2 Energy classes along with 4 Psychic classes to take this course before Mediumship and PASS your written and practical $220.00 (save $20 on package deal)

​​Mediumship Development (Mental and Physical) You MUST take all 3 Ethics and all  3 Energy classes  along with 4 Mediumship classes A written test and practical/demonstration is given before certification is given (save $25 on package deal) $275.00