Welcome to the Mystic Halls of Knowledge!  A Virtual (online and live) Academy 

       The Academy has reopened!  Next class-The Bottom Of The Cup! (Reading Tea Leaves)  

Thursday, November 9th, 2017@7PM-9pm on location @136 Chestnut Lane Lake Helen, FL 32744

Learn the origin of the Reading Tea Leaves, symbology, time frame and of course, the Ritual of Reading Please reserve your spot and preregister here (I.A.M. members please click button 1, non members button 2)

If you cannot pre pay for all here to reserve your spot.

In this workshop, I will present the class with a new teaching in the school of Mysticism.  What you learn from these teachings and how you apply it are what will take you to the next level of wisdom.

There are a few things you should know when you participate in this Academy.....

* All works used in these teachings are from The Cosmic Teachings Book- I am the author and it's copyrighted material.

* Taking these courses does NOT automatically make you a Psychic, Medium or Healer. There is Certification for this and MUCH practice/experience!

*  If you are interested in Certification, please let me know as I am a Certified Teacher through the I.A.M.       (International Association of Metaphysics) The hours must be logged and tests apply  to receive Certification. (If you are an IAM member, please let me know before payment)


* You must pre-pay for your online class before class begins. This allows me time to send you the class outline and information to your email. *You will be given required reading and exercises Live classes-

Please pre register by contacting me at 321-439-3073

* You may pay for 1 class at a time OR a month's worth at a discount. Classes are $25 OR $100 for 5 classes.

* A new online class starts every 2 weeks so if you miss that week, the following week is for catching up on that subject. You must contact me if this pertains to you.  After that time frame, we move on to another subject. Live classes vary, they may be weekly, biweekly or monthly

* You may email me if you have questions before the next class on that particular class.

*All online classes are done on Skype at venusinvelvet1111 and I must know your Skype name to add you.

I look forward to seeing you soon!



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